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The MaskDateTimeProvider is responsible for the parsing of the dates. The MaskDateTimeProvider can be accessed by casting to that appropriate class. This provider contains useful properties and methods that can help you to navigate trough the date parts.

  • The AutoSelectNextPart property controls whether or not the next date part will be automatically selected when the user types.

  • The SelectedItemIndex property can be used to retrieve the current selected part of the date.

  • The SelectFirstItem method just selects the first part of the date.

  • The SelectNextItem method just selects the last part of the date.

The following code spinet demonstrates how one can access and use the provider:

MaskDateTimeProvider provider = this.radDateTimePicker1.DateTimePickerElement.TextBoxElement.Provider as MaskDateTimeProvider;
provider.AutoSelectNextPart = true;

Dim provider As MaskDateTimeProvider = TryCast(Me.radDateTimePicker1.DateTimePickerElement.TextBoxElement.Provider, MaskDateTimeProvider)
provider.AutoSelectNextPart = True

The MaskProviderCreated event will be fired each time when new provider instance is created. For example when the MaskType is changed.

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