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Unbound Mode

This article demonstrates how to populate RadDataFilter with descriptor items and add the desired filter conditions to build an expression.

Design Time

You can add/remove/modify DataFilterDescriptorItems by using the RadItem Collection Editor which can be shown either via the Smart Tag or by using the Descriptors property in the Properties section in Visual Studio. Then, you can add a Group or an Expression for composing the desired filters via the RadDataFilter Design Time Editor. Additional information is available in the Design Time help article.

Run Time

RadDataFilter supports adding descriptor items at run time. The following example demonstrates how to add two different descriptor items to the RadDataFilter.Desciriptors collection and apply an expression.

Adding descriptor items programmatically and applying an expression

DataFilterDescriptorItem nameDescriptorItem = new DataFilterDescriptorItem();
nameDescriptorItem.DescriptorName = "ProductName";
nameDescriptorItem.DescriptorType = typeof(string);
DataFilterDescriptorItem priceDescriptorItem = new DataFilterDescriptorItem();
priceDescriptorItem.DescriptorName = "UnitPrice";
priceDescriptorItem.DescriptorType = typeof(decimal);
this.radDataFilter1.Expression = "([ProductName] LIKE '%ch%' OR [UnitPrice] > '15')";

Dim nameDescriptorItem As New DataFilterDescriptorItem()
nameDescriptorItem.DescriptorName = "ProductName"
nameDescriptorItem.DescriptorType = GetType(String)
Dim priceDescriptorItem As New DataFilterDescriptorItem()
priceDescriptorItem.DescriptorName = "UnitPrice"
priceDescriptorItem.DescriptorType = GetType(Decimal)
Me.RadDataFilter1.Expression = "([ProductName] LIKE '%ch%' OR [UnitPrice] > '15')"

WinForms RadDataFilter Unbound Mode Design Time

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