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Palettes are a quick and easy way to define a skin for your chart view. A palette is a collection of several palette entries and each palette entry defines up to four colors – two fills and two strokes. Currently, only the Fill and Stroke properties are in use, the AdditionalFill and AdditionalStroke are not taken into consideration when applying a palette.

Figure 1: Palettes

WinForms RadChartView Palettes

As of R1 2018 RadChartView offers two new palettes: Material and Fluent.

Material and Fluent palettes

WinForms RadChartView Material and Fluent palettes

As of R2 2024 RadChartView offers four new palettes: Crystal, VisualStudio2019, Office2019, Windows11.

Crystal, VisualStudio2019, Office2019, Windows11 palettes

WinForms RadChartView Crystal, VisualStudio2019, Office2019, Windows11 palettes

To apply one of these predefined palettes all you have to do is execute the following line of code:

Apply a Palette

this.radChartView1.Area.View.Palette = KnownPalette.Metro;

Me.RadChartView1.Area.View.Palette = KnownPalette.Metro

Here is how two of the palettes look like in action:

Figure 2: Autumn

WinForms RadChartView Autumn

Figure 3: Windows 8

WinForms RadChartView Windows 8

The predefined palettes consist of 8 palette entries which are applied to the series in a cyclic order. The first series is drawn with the colors from the first palette entry the second series is drawn with the colors form the second palette entry… the ninth series is drawn with the colors form the first palette entry and so on. If you would like to apply a palette entry specifically to a series you can do so using either one of the following line of code:

Specific Palette Entry

lineSeria.Palette = KnownPalette.Flower.GlobalEntries[0];
lineSeria.Palette = new PaletteEntry(Color.Yellow, Color.Red);

lineSeria.Palette = KnownPalette.Flower.GlobalEntries(0)
lineSeria.Palette = New PaletteEntry(Color.Yellow, Color.Red)

Predefined palettes cannot be edited , however, you can define your own palettes by inheriting from ChartPalette and creating a collection of palette entries. Here is an example:

Create a Custom Palette

public class CustomPalette : ChartPalette
    public CustomPalette()
        this.GlobalEntries.Add(Color.Yellow, Color.Red);
        this.GlobalEntries.Add(Color.Yellow, Color.Blue);

Public Class CustomPalette
    Inherits ChartPalette
    Public Sub New()
        Me.GlobalEntries.Add(Color.Yellow, Color.Red)
        Me.GlobalEntries.Add(Color.Yellow, Color.Blue)
    End Sub
End Class

Apply a Custom Palette

   this.radChartView1.Area.View.Palette = new CustomPalette();

Me.RadChartView1.Area.View.Palette = New CustomPalette()

Figure 4: Custom Palette

WinForms RadChartView Custom Palette

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