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RadChart SmartTag Menu

To easily access common tasks and properties click the SmartTag at the upper right corner of the RadChart.

chart-understanding-radchart-ui-radchart-smarttag-menu 001

Here you can find the most significant properties for the chart without navigating to the Properties Window.  RadChart Tasks are divided into four sections:


  • Assign Width and Height properties in pixels to set the dimensions for the chart as a whole.


  • Title text: Set the chart title using the "Title text" entry. If you need more control over the title appearance, content and position see the Titles help topic.

  • Chart Series Orientation: Choose Horizontal or Vertical orientation for the chart from the drop down list.

  • Default Chart Type: Select one of the 16 chart types from the drop down list.  See RadChart Types Overview for more information.

  • Set the series palette: Select a predefined series color palette from the drop down list.


  • Chart series collection: Click the ellipses button to display the ChartSeries Collection Editor dialog.  From there you can manually add series and series items to your chart. See the Populate RadChart at Design-Time topic for more information.

  • Choose data source: Click the drop down list to select or create a data source. For more information see the Data Binding RadChart topic. 


  • Chart image format: Charts are rendered in the browser as images. Use this drop down list to define what image format will be used.

  • Chart Wizard: Click this link to open the Chart Wizard dialog.  The Chart Wizard helps you navigate the many properties of RadChart.  See the RadChart Wizard for more information.

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