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Custom Appearance Properties

Apart from the common properties, every chart element may have unique appearance properties, e.g. “Figure”, “Rotation Angle”, “Text Properties”, etc. Here is a quick reference of the unique appearance properties of the chart and its elements.


Set dimensions Layout -> Width
Layout -> Height
Set the chart type Appearance -> DefaultType
Set series orientation Appearance -> Series Orientation
Set a series palette Appearance -> SeriesPalette
Appearance -> CustomPalettes
Set a predefined chart skin Appearance -> Skin
Set a bar overlap ratio How much two adjacent bars overlap each other Appearance -> Appearance -> BarOverlapPercent
Set bar width Define how much space will occupy all bars located on the same spot on the X Axis. The value represents percent of the total available space for that X Axis value. Appearance -> Appearance -> BarWidthPercent
Set text quality Appearance -> Appearance -> TextQuality
Set alternative text (accessibility feature) Appearance -> AlternativeText
Set the image MIME type (file type) Settings -> ChartImageFormat

Chart title

Set the form Elements -> ChartTitle -> Appearance -> Figure
Set a rotation angle Elements -> ChartTitle -> Appearance -> RotationAngle
Style the chart title marker Elements -> ChartTitle -> Marker -> Appearance


Style the legend title Elements -> Legend -> TextBlock
Style the legend marker Elements -> Legend -> Marker -> Appearance
Style the legend items’ appearance Elements -> Legend -> Appearance -> ItemAppearance
Elements -> Legend -> Appearance -> ItemMarkerAppearance
Elements -> Legend -> Appearance -> ItemTextAppearance
Set legend items’ orientation Elements -> Legend -> Appearance -> Overflow
Set a rotation angle Elements -> Legend -> Appearance -> RotationAngle

PlotArea and Axes

Style the empty series (no data) message Elements -> PlotArea -> EmptySeriesMessage
Set intelligent series’ label positioning Elements -> PlotArea -> IntelligentLabelsEnabled
Set the axis’ layout mode Determine whether the axis values’ positions match the gridlines or the values are places between the gridlines Elements -> PlotArea -> [axis] -> LayoutMode
Style the axis’ maximum value end Elements -> PlotArea -> axis [axis] -> Appearance -> Cap
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