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Data Binding RadChart to ObjectDataSource at Design-Time

Use the Data Source Configuration Wizard to bind ObjectDataSource  at design time:  

  1. Click the RadChart Smart Tag Choose Data Source | < New Data Source >.

    chart-building-radcharts-data-binding-radchart-data-binding-radchart-to-objectdatasource-at-design-time 001

  2. From the "Choose a data source type" page of the wizard select "Object" and click "OK".

    chart-building-radcharts-data-binding-radchart-data-binding-radchart-to-objectdatasource-at-design-time 002

  3. From the "Choose a Business Object" page of the wizard, select your business object from the drop down list.  Click Next.

    chart-building-radcharts-data-binding-radchart-data-binding-radchart-to-objectdatasource-at-design-time 003

  4. On the "Define data methods" page choose the select method from the drop down list.  Click Finish.  A new ObjectDataSource component will be visible on the page and the RadChart DataSource property will point to it.

    chart-building-radcharts-data-binding-radchart-data-binding-radchart-to-objectdatasource-at-design-time 004

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