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The CardListViewVisualItem element extends the IconListViewVisualItem class used by RadListView control. Hence, most of the functionality already defined for RadListView when set up in IconsView will also be valid for the RadCardView control. RadLayoutContol is responsible for the setting up and arranging the elements of RadCardView in a complex layout always adjusting to the available space.

Fig.1 RadCardView`s Element Hierarchy

WinForms RadCardView Element Hierarchy

The element hierarchy and structure may vary depending on the current settings and the configuration of the layout control.

Fig.2 RadCardView`s Structure

WinForms RadCardView Structure

  • RadCardViewElement: Represents the main element of RadCardView.
  • CarListViewElement: Container element of the control.
  • CardListViewVisualItem: A single RadCardView visual item.
  • CardViewItem: A particular RadCardView item.
  • LayoutControlTabbedGrouped: Represents a layout control container of the tabbed groups.
  • LayoutControlTabbedStripElement: Tabbed strip element of the layout control.
  • CardViewGroupItem: A single grouped item.

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