WinForms SplitButton Overview

RadSplitButton provides a menu-like interface contained within a button that can be placed anywhere on a form.

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WinForms RadSplitButton Overview

Each of the items on the RadSplitButton can be set to perform an action when clicked. In addition, the items can contain other items, allowing you to create any hierarchy that fits your needs. Like a standard button, you control the displayed text by setting the Text property. Unlike a standard button, RadSplitButton displays drop-down items when clicked, so handling the Click event is not appropriate. Instead, work directly with the events of the items. To learn how to create and use items see Gettied Started with Telerik RadSplitButton Items.

RadSplitButton is visually indistinguishable from RadDropDownButton, but there is an important programmatic distinction. On RadSplitButton you set a DefaultItem property to indicate the item whose Click event should be triggered when the button is clicked. The functionality of RadSplitButton is "split" between the button itself and the dropdown menu.

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