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RadPdfViewer is a control that can display PDF files natively in Silverlight.

RadPdfViewer Overview


Some of the key features coming out-of-the-box with RadPdfViewer are:

  • Interactive Forms: The control supports different types of interactive forms and enables the end user to modify their values.

  • Saving a Document: When the user modifies the forms in a document or signs it, or just want to create another file from the document, they can use the Save As functionality of the viewer.

  • Annotations: Full support for Widget and Link annotations. RadPdfViewer provides a read-only support for all other types of annotations.

  • Fonts: Built-in support for TrueType, Type1 and CID fonts.

  • Create an Image from a PDF Page: An API for exporting a PDF document page to an image.

  • Working with positions and modifying the selection in the document.

  • The control comes with a predefined UI that is intuitive and provides the means for utilizing the features of the control. Different dialogs are available as well.

  • Using the UI you can easily zoom in and out.

  • Scroll the document in the viewer.

  • You can also use pan and text selection by specifying a different viewer mode.

  • The control utilizes virtualization in order to guarantee good performance with larger documents as well.

  • RadPdfViewer allows printing of the document loaded in it.

  • You can rotate the document as well.

  • Context Menu to provide easy access to several of the features of the control.

  • Extensible support for different stream compression filters. [Read more]

  • Support for documents encrypted with Encryption Algorithm 4 (RC4/AES-128)

  • The API provides different options for extending and customizing the control.

  • Type3 fonts (Available in R1 2021).

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