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Below you can find list with all features that are supported by XlsFormatProvider.

Feature Supported Comment
Text Formatting
Font Family Yes
Font Size Yes
Font Color Yes There might be differences in the colors.
Bold Yes
Italic Yes
Underline Yes
Text Horizontal Alignment Yes
Text Vertical Alignment Yes
Text Wrapping Yes
Indent Yes
Text Rotation Yes
Merge Cells Yes
Number Format Yes
Borders Yes
Pattern Fills Yes
Gradient Fills Yes
Cell Locked State No
Cell Styles
Style Name No
Include Number Format Option Yes
Include Alignment Option Yes
Include Font Properties Option Yes
Include Borders Option Yes
Include Fills Option Yes Gradient fills are not supported.
Include Protection Option No
Document Theme Yes
Color Scheme No
Font Scheme Yes
Web page Yes
Place in document Yes
E-mail address Yes
Workbook protection
Structure protection option No
Windows protection option No
Worksheet protection
Allow Changes In Cells/Rows/Columns Format Option No
Allow Inserting Rows/Columns Option No
Allow Deleting Rows/Columns Option No
Allow Sort Option No
Allow Filter Option No
Formula Values Yes
Defined Names Yes
Images No
Floating Images No
Charts No
Page Setup
Page Size Partial No support for custom page size
Page Margins Yes
Page Orientation Yes
Page Breaks Yes
Print Area Yes
Page Order Yes
Scale Factor No
Show/Hide Row and Column Headings Yes
Show/Hide Gridlines Yes
Show/Hide Rows/Columns Partially Only columns can be hidden
Center Horizontally/Vertically Yes
View State
Scale Factor No
Selection State Yes Only single selection is supported
Scroll Position Yes
Freeze Panes Yes
Values Sort Condition No
Cell Color Sort Condition No
Font Color Sort Condition No
Custom Sort Condition No
Sort Order and Custom Lists Yes
Selected Values Filter Yes
Custom Filter Yes
Dynamic Filter Yes
Top10 Filter Yes
Font Color Filter Yes
Cell Color Filter Yes
Data Validation Partially Data validation formulas to another sheet are not supported
Headers & Footers Partially No Even or Odd header & footer
Themable Colors No
Screen tip of the hyperlink No
Multiple selections No
Columns or Row Styles No
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