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Comments vs Notes in RadSpreadProcessing


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2024.1.124 RadWordsProcessing Desislava Yordanova


When opening XLSX files in MS Excel, the comments may appear as threaded comments. This article explains the reason behind this behavior.

Threaded Comments in MS Excel


The SpreadProcessing library supports both Comments and Notes in Excel. The difference between them is as follows:

  • Comments: These are the traditional comments that were available in earlier versions of Excel. They are anchored as small purple triangles in the corners of cells and can be viewed by hovering over the cell. Each comment can be replied to, forming a thread of information.

Comments in MS Excel

  • Notes: They are used for making notes or annotations about the data.

Notes in MS Excel

Microsoft rebranded their Comments to Notes, and added the possibility to add comments to comments - that is now known as Threaded Comments or just Comments. That is why some documents may have Comments and others - Notes. It depends on the MS Excel version on which the document was generated.

For more information about the changes in Excel's functionality, you can refer to the following link: Comments and Notes Updates in Excel

Telerik Document Processing Libraries do not have an effect on this changed behavior of the mechanism in MS Excel and how the documents are generated or displayed. We just provide functionalities, Comments, and Notes. No matter what document is imported in the SpreadProcessing library, you can iterate both collections and extract whatever data is stored.

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