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Client-side specifics

Check State

The RadTreeNode client-side object exposes the get_checkState function which returns TreeNodeCheckState which represents the current state of the Node's checkbox.

TreeNodeCheckState can be:

  • 0 - Unchecked

  • 1 - Checked

  • 2 - Indeterminate


The tri-State checkboxes are actually rendered as <span> elements with predefined CSS classes. Images, defined in these CSS classes as backgrounds to the <span> elements represent the three states.

RadTreeView Tri-State CheckBoxes Rendering

There are three CSS classes for each of the three states of the checkboxes: rtChecked, rtUnchecked and rtIndeterminate.

To get the <span> element of a Node at the client use the get_checkBoxElement() function as you would normally do to get the real checkbox element in non tri-state checkboxes mode.


If a Node's checkbox is clicked the client-side OnClientNodeClicking and OnClientNodeClicked events fire only for the clicked Node regardless of the CheckChildNodes property of RadTreeView.

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