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CheckBoxes Overview

RadTreeView provides checkboxes displayed next to each node. Enable this behavior by setting the CheckBoxes property of the RadTreeView to True. Disable the checkbox for a particular node by setting the Checkable property of the Node to False. Retrieve all checked nodes on postback by using the CheckedNodes property of the RadTreeView; CheckedNodes returns a generic list of RadTreeNode objects. Use the NodeCheck server event to automatically postback when a Node is checked. If you need to disable postback for certain Nodes, you can use the OnClientNodeChecking event and call set_cancel(true) in the event handler.

  • See the Using Checkboxes Server-Side topic for more information on configuring checkbox behavior and manipulating checkboxes on postback.

  • See the Using Checkboxes Client-Side topic for more information on configuring checkbox behavior and responding instantly to check events on the client without postback.

For topics covering common checkbox scenarios, see the following:

To see a live example of checkbox support for RadTreeView visit the CheckBox Support live demo.

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