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CSS Skin File Selectors

The following table lists significant CSS selectors and descriptions for RadTreeView style sheets.

CSS Selector Description
RadTreeView_Telerik The default style for the
tag that contains the control representation.
rtPlus, rtMinus Applied to the plus and minus (expand and collapse) buttons.
rtChk Applied to the checkbox.
rtHover Applied to Nodes which have been hovered with the mouse.
rtSelected Applied to Nodes that have been selected.
rtEdit Applied to Nodes in the process of being edited.
rtLines Applied to the vertical connector lines that tie Nodes together.
rtFirst Applied to the first, i.e. root, Node in the TreeView.
rtTop, rtMid, rtBot Applied to the top, middle and bottom Nodes of a level, respectively.
rtUL, rtLI Each level of the TreeView is represented in HTML as an unordered list
    with list items
  • . "rtUL" and "rtLI" styles control the basic appearance of the corresponding elements.
rtDropAbove_Telerik, rtDropBelow_Telerik Applied to line appearing when dropping between Nodes.
rtDragClue Applied to the container of the Dragging Clue (the element holding dragged nodes).

There are several styles that end in "_rtl" that are used to style specific portions of the control when right-to-left support is turned on. These "_rtl" styles are variants of their left-to-right default counterparts and are appended only to the main CSS selectors: for example, ".RadTreeView_Telerik .rtLines .rtFirst".

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