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Server-side Binding

The following article demonstrates how the RadTreeMap could be bound to SqlDataSource.

RadTreeMap can be bound to declarative data source controls like SqlDataSource, ObjectDataSource, EntityDataSource, OpenAccessDataSource and LinqDataSource.

The steps listed below demonstrate how to bind the control using SqlDataSource.

  1. Place the RadTreeMap control on the page.

  2. Add SqlDataSource control to the page and set the SelectCommand appropriately. In the SelectCommand you should enumerate the desired fields, which you need to bind the control against and the ParentID, so that the hierarchyof the items could be achieved.

  3. Assign the DataSourceID to the RadTreeMap.

  4. Set the properties of the RadTreeMap (DataTextField, DataValueField, DataFieldID, DataFieldParentID), in order to match the desirable fields from the database table.

In the example below, you could observe a possible implementation of the SqlDataSource binding:

<telerik:radtreemap runat="server"
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource2" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:CustomConnectionString %>"
    SelectCommand="SELECT ID, ParentID, Name, Value FROM [TopPaidAthletes]"></asp:SqlDataSource>
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