TreeMap Overview

The RadTreeMap for ASP.NET AJAX control suits perfectly for visualization of hierarchical data in a traditional tree structure. The control provides three options for displaying the data, which could be managed by the AlgorithmType property - Squarified, Horizontaland Vertical (see AlgorithmType article). The most popular and widely used of them is the Squarified type, which recursively subdivides area into approximately-square rectangles. As a result, the end user is provided with the structured data, represented by a numerous items, visualized on screen simultaneously with an efficient use of space. (see Figure 1)

Another useful property of the RadTreeMap is the Colors property. The property represents a collection of type System.Drawing.Color, which could be used to add custom colors and thus specifying the list of colors, applied to each group of items.(see Colors article)

Figure 1: Demonstrates how the RadTreeMap control visualizes its data in an efficient use of space, when the AlgorithmType property is set to Squarified.treemap-overview

Using the RadTreeMap in Internet Explorer 7 is not fully supported, as some glitches in the appearance may arise.

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