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Client-side Binding

The following article, demonstrates the technique to bind the RadTreeMap at client-side.

The RadTreeMap control could be bound entirely at client-side. This scenario can be achieved, by supplying the RadTreeMap with a data, using the set_dataSource() function. The function accepts two parameters, which are as follows:

  • data - the data, with witch the control will be supplied with. (see Example 1 for a structure reference)

  • fields - the data fields, which presents the mapping between the values of the data source and the control: textField, valueField and colorField. In addition, you could specify the name for the sub-items collection from the data source, using the childrenField. The childrenField has a default value - items. (see Example 1 for a structure reference)

Example 1 - demonstrates the technique for achieving a client-side data-binding for RadTreeMap.

<telerik:radtreemap runat="server" id="RadTreeMap1" onclientload="OnClientLoad">
<script type="text/javascript">
function OnClientLoad(sender) {
    var data = [{
        name: "item 1",
        value: 1,
        items: [{ name: "item 1.1", value: 10 },
                { name: "item 1.2", value: 11 },
                { name: "item 1.3", value: 12 }]

    var fields = { textField: "name", valueField: "value" };

    sender.set_dataSource(data, fields);
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