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Spell Checking RadTextBox

You can use the RadSpell control with RadTextBox to let users check the Text of the control for spelling errors.

To link the RadTextBox control to the RadSpell control, simply set the RadSpell control's ControlToCheck property to the ID of the RadTextBox:

    OnClientDialogClosed="SpellCheckDone" />

Then, assign the OnClientDialogClosing client-side event of the RadSpell control to a JavaScript function that updates the text of the RadTextBox control:

function SpellCheckDone()
    var radTextBox1 = $find("<%= RadTextBox1.ClientID %>");

The Javascript function is needed for the following reason: the RadTextBox control (and the other RadInput textboxes as well) consists of two textboxes - one is visible and holds the visible value, which is sometimes formatted in a certain way. The other, invisible, textbox holds the control's real value. RadSpell actually spellchecks the invisible textbox and that's why the visible textbox needs to be "refreshed" afterwards.

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