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Declaring Splitter

With RadSplitter you can define any table layout.

  • Simple splitter - using one splitter you can define a horizontally or vertically split page or area in a page.

  • Complex splitter - you can define complex layouts using several nested splitters that provide both horizontally and vertically split regions.

RadSplitter must have at least two child RadPanes. You can experience many unexpected issues when the control is used with a single RadPane, making it a highly not recommended scenario.

Simple Structures with a Single Splitter

The easiest way to define the RadSplitter structure is declaratively in the ASPX page. The following example demonstrates how to declare a Vertical splitter with three collapsible panes and split bars with different collapse modes:

<telerik:RadSplitter RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" id="RadSplitter1"
 Orientation="Vertical" width="400px" height="300px">
 <telerik:RadPane runat="server" id="LeftPane">
   <asp:Label runat="server" id="LeftLabel">Left pane</asp:Label>
 <telerik:RadSplitBar runat="server" id="RadSplitBar1" CollapseMode="Backward" />
 <telerik:RadPane runat="server" id="MidPane">Middle pane</telerik:RadPane>
 <telerik:RadSplitBar runat="server" id="RadSplitBar2" CollapseMode="Both" />
 <telerik:RadPane runat="server" id="RightPane">Right pane</telerik:RadPane>

The result looks as follows:

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