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Controlling Appearance


RadSplitter controls provide you with tremendous flexibility in the layout of a Web page:

RadSlidingZone controls that are added to the pane of a splitter and be configured to expand in any direction, and lay out their tabs based on that direction.

Look and Feel

RadSplitter controls have three properties that affect its basic look-and-feel:

  • The Skin property controls the general appearance of the splitter, as well as any RadPane, RadSplitBar, RadSlidingZone, and RadSlidingPane controls nested inside the splitter.

  • The PanesBorderSize property lets you configure the width of the border that appears around individual panes.

  • The SplitBarsSize property lets you configure the size of any split bars that you add between panes.

RadSlidingZone controls have a SlideDuration property that lets you specify the speed of the animated sliding effect when the user expands the sliding panes.

RadSlidingPane controls let you configure the appearance of individual tabs.


Both RadSplitBar and RadSlidingPane controls contain icons that the user can click to interact with them. When the user hovers the mouse over these icons, they display tool tips that inform the user on the effects of clicking on them. A number of properties let you change the text that appears in these tool tips.

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