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Search Context functionality was added from Q2 2013 in order to provide context for the search operation. The search context is represented as a simple drop-down giving a choice to select a context item. This feature improves the performance and usability when searching in large data sets.

SearchBox's Search Context behaves as a standard DropDownList control with single selection. It has Items which are accessible server as well as client side. searchbox searchcontext overview

<telerik:RadSearchBox RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadSearchBox2" runat="server" Width="500" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource3" 
        DataTextField="LastName" DataValueField="FirstName" DataContextKeyField="EmployeeID"  >
    <Localization DefaultItemText="AllItems" LoadingItemsMessage="Some Loading" />
            <telerik:SearchContextItem Text="One" Key="1" />
            <telerik:SearchContextItem Text="Two" Key="2" />
            <telerik:SearchContextItem Text="Three" Key="3" />

Supported Features

Summary of features supported by RadSearchBox's Search Context

  • Data Binding - binding SearchContext to a data source
  • Declarative items – SeachContextItems could be defined in the markup or added dynamically from code-behind.
  • Server-side – server API for setting data source using DataSourceID/DataSource properties.
  • Client-side – client API for population through Web services and integration with RadODataDataSource control.
  • Default "All" Item – Search Context renders an item which when selected won't provide context for the search operation. This item could be omitted if the ShowDefaultItem property is set to False (it's True by default).
  • Loading Message - When the default item is not shown and the SearchContext's is populate from a web service or bound to the RadODataDataSource control, a message is shown in the input of the Search Context while the items are being loaded and initialized. Once loaded the message is removed and the first item in the list is selected.
  • Localization - both the text of the default items as well as the loading message could be localized through the Localization-DefaultItemText and Localization-LoadingItemsMessage properties.
  • Keyboard Support - Search Context has a fully functional keyboard support, which is available once the control is focused. In order to be able to focus the Search Context the TabIndex property should be set.

Data Binding

When binding Search Context to a particular Data Source you will need to use the following properties.

  • DataSource - set to an instance of your data source. This is mandatory when binding SearchContext at runtime.
  • DataSourceID - set to the ID of a DataSource Control (SqlDataSource, ObjectDataSource, etc). This is mandatory when binding SearchContext declaratively.
  • DataTextField - set the field name from the data source bound to the SearchContextItem's Text property.
  • DataKeyField - set the field name from the data source bound to the SearchContextItem's Key property.
  • DataModelID - set the ModelID when binding SearchContext to RadODataDataSource control.

Once the data binding is configured, you will be able to access the values through the SearchContext Item object. For a list properties and methods, check out the SearchContextItem Object article.


  • Server-Side:

    • ItemDataBound - server-side event fired for every SearchContextItem create as a result of a binding to a data source.
  • Client-Side:

    • ClientItemDataBound - client-side event fired for every SearchContextItem create as a result of a binding to a RadODataDataSource control.
    • ClientItemSelected - client-side event fired when a SearchContext item is selected.

Search Context integration with RadSearchBox

The integration between the Search Context and the RadSearchBox could be achieved in two ways. When the SearchBox is bound to a data source component or RadODataDataSource control, the DataContextKeyField property of the SearchBox should be set to the data field which will be used as a context when the search operation is performed.

When the search results are provided from a web service or the server DataSourceSelect event is being handled, the selected context item is available through the SelectedContextItem property of the input context parameter of the server or through the event arguments of the event.

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