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The OnClientItemSelected is a Client-Side event that is triggered when an item from the SearchBox dropdown (SearchContext) is clicked.

The event handler receives two parameters:

  1. The instance of (Telerik.Web.UI.SearchContext) firing the event, the SearchContext object.

  2. The event arguments that contains the following methods:

    • (Telerik.Web.UI.SearchContextItem) get_item() - returns the SearchContextItem object.
    • (bool) get_isDefaultItem() - returns true if the Default ("All") item was selected
    • (string) get_text() - returns the selected SearchContext Item's Text
    • (string/int) get_key() - returns the selected SearchContext Item's Key (commonly known as the value)
<telerik:RadSearchBox RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadSearchBox1"
    DataTextField="Desc" DataValueField="Id">
    <SearchContext DataTextField="Desc" DataKeyField="Id" OnClientItemSelected="OnClientItemSelected">
function OnClientItemSelected(sender, args) {
    var searchContext = sender; // Telerik.Web.UI.SearchContext
    var searchContextItem = args.get_item(); // Telerik.Web.UI.SearchContextItem
    var isDefaultItem = args.get_isDefaultItem(); // bool
    var text = args.get_text(); // SearchContext Item's Text
    var key = args.get_key(); // SearchContext Item's Key (value)
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