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Controlling Appearance

RadScheduler is highly configurable, with many properties you can set to control its appearance.

Properties That Affect the Entire Scheduler

  • The Skin property controls the overall look of the scheduler. The values of Skin are described morefully in Skins.

  • The OverflowBehavior property controls whether the scheduler maintains its original height and uses ascroll bar, or whether it adjusts its height automatically to display its contents. When OverflowBehavior is Expand, the size of the scheduler changes automatically when the user switches between Month, Day and Week view, and when the user toggles between Full Time mode and Business hours.

  • The Localization property lets you customize any of the strings that appear in the scheduler, in-line editor, edit form, and pop-up dialogs.

Properties That Affect the Header

  • The ShowHeader property determines whether the header region appears on the scheduler at all.If you set ShowHeader to False, the scheduler has no navigation controls, no view tabs, and no day, week, or month header.

  • You can hide individual controls within the header by setting the ShowNavigationPane and ShowViewTabs properties.Using these properties, you can restrict the user's ability to alter the view or date displayed, or you can provide an alternate method of changing these by adding your own controlsto the web page. If you hide the navigation pane, you can still control the date displayed in the scheduler using the SelectedDate property. If you hide theview tabs, you can still control the view displayed in the scheduler using the SelectedView property.

  • The DayView-HeaderDateFormat, WeekView-HeaderDateFormat, and MonthView-HeaderDateFormat propertiescontrol the formatting of the date label in the header region for the Day, Week, and Month views, respectively.

  • Although the Skin property affects the overall color and appearance of the scheduler, you can override the background color of the header region bysetting the BackColor property.

Properties That Affect the Row Region or Cells

  • The MinutesPerRow property determines the amount of time each row represents in Day or Week view.

  • The ShowAllDayRow property determines whether the All Day row appears at the top of the row region. If you hide the All Day Row,the scheduler gives no visual indication of the existence of all day appointments, although the control to create them still exists in the edit form.

  • The DayStartTime and DayEndTime properties control what rows appear in the scheduler when it is set to display business hours.

  • The WorkDayStartTime and WorkDayEndTime properties control what rows appear shaded in the scheduler when it is in Full Time mode.

  • The FirstDayOfWeek and LastDayOfWeek properties control what columns appear in Week view or Month view.

  • The MonthView-VisibleAppointmentsPerDay property determines the number of appointments a cell in Month view can display. If the number of appointmentsfor a day exceeds this limit, the cell displays a link labeled "more..." Clicking the "more..." link toggles the scheduler into Day view for the day in question.

  • The RowHeight property controls the height of each row in the RadScheduler. The minimum value is 16px.

  • The RowHeaderWidth property affects the width of the row headers. The value must be in pixels and the minimum is 50px.

Properties That Affect the Hours Column

  • The ShowHoursColumn property determines whether the hours column appears on the scheduler at all.If you set ShowHoursColumn to False, the scheduler has no row labels, including no label for the All day row.

  • The HoursPanelTimeFormat property controls the formatting of the time labels that appear next to groups of rows.

  • The TimeLabelRowSpan property controls the height (in rows) of the hours panels. That is, this property controlsthe number of rows each label covers. Note that the amount of time this represents is controlled by the MinutesPerRow property.

Properties That Affect the Column Headers

  • The ShowWeeklyColumnHeader and ShowMonthlyColumnHeader properties determine whether the columnheader appears in Week view and Month view, respectively.

  • The WeekColumnHeaderDateFormat and MonthColumnHeaderDateFormat properties control the formattingof the labels in the column headers for Week view and Month view, respectively.

  • The ShowFooter property determines whether the footer appears in scheduler.If the footer does not appear, the scheduler has no link for the user to toggle between Full Time mode and Business hours. You can control which of these modes the scheduler displays by setting the StartInFullTime property.

Properties That Affect the In-line editor and Edit Form

  • The EditFormDateFormat and EditFormTimeFormat properties determine how date and time values are formatted in the Edit Form.

  • The StartInsertingInAdvancedForm and StartEditingInAdvancedForm properties control whetherthe user sees the in-line editor or the edit form when start inserting or start editing an appointment.

  • The EnableCustomAttributeEditing and EnableResourceEditing properties determine whether the advanced form includescontrols for the custom attributes or custom resources that you have defined.

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