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RadRadioButtonList Overview

The RadRadioButtonList control (Figure 1) enriches the features of the ASP.NET RadioButtonList control. Additionally, it provides events, supports Commands and numerous themes. RadRadioButtonList is available as of R3 2016.

You can easily style the control by changing the Skin property. This will eliminate the need to use the RadFormDecorator. Developers can easily migrate their applications from using the standard ASP.NET (RadioButtonList) controls to the RadRadioButtonList control, because most of the RadioButtonList's functionality is provided by the RadRadioButtonList control, and the RadRadioButtonList is controlled by the same or similar (intuitive) properties.

Figure 1: RadRadioButtonList configuration.

Example 1: A basic example of a RadRadioButtonList setup.

<telerik:RadRadioButtonList runat="server" ID="RadRadioButtonList1">
        <telerik:RadioButtonListItem Text="English" Selected="true" />
        <telerik:RadioButtonListItem Text="German" />
        <telerik:RadioButtonListItem Text="French" />

RadRadioButtonList does not support Classic render mode. Setting its RenderMode to Classic will default to the Lightweight render mode.

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