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The ProgressData client-side object contains the information that RadProgressArea displays. It is required as a parameter to the update() method of RadProgressArea, and is available from the event argument object of several events.

The following table lists the properties of ProgressData:


Name Type Description
PrimaryPercent integer The percent of the primary process that is complete
PrimaryTotal string The formatted total size of the primary process (includes units)
PrimaryValue string The formatted current amount complete on the primary process (includes units)
SecondaryPercent integer The percent of the secondary process that is complete
SecondaryTotal integer or string The total size of the secondary process (may include units)
SecondaryValue integer or string The amount completed on the secondary process (may include units)
CurrentOperationText string The name of the current operation or file
TimeElapsed string The amount of time that has already elapsed (includes units)
TimeEstimated string The estimated time remaining until the process is complete (includes units)
TransferSpeed string The processing speed (includes units)
InProgress boolean Indicates whether the progress data is reflecting an ongoing progress.
RadUpload Object Provides access to the following information about the RadUpload control whose file is currently being uploaded. It has the following properties:
  • Bytes - the number of bytes already uploaded to the server (equal to the unformatted value of PrimaryValue)

  • CurrentFileName - the name of the current file (equal to CurrentOperationText)

  • FilesCount - the number of files already uploaded to the server (equal to SecondaryValue)

  • RequestLength - the total length of the current request in bytes (equal to the unformatted value of PrimaryTotal)|

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