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The OnClientProgressBarUpdating client-side event occurs when a RadProgressArea dialog is about to update one of its progress bars.

The event handler receives two parameters:

  1. The instance of the RadProgressArea control that is about to update.

  2. An eventArgs parameter containing the following methods:

    • get_progressBarElement returns the DOM element for the progress bar that is about to be updated.

    • get_progressBarElementName returns the name of the progress bar. This can be either "PrimaryProgressBar" or "SecondaryProgressBar".

    • get_progressData returns the progressData that is being used to update the progress bars.

    • get_progressValue returns the percentage that the updated progress bar will show.

    • set_cancel lets you cancel the update to the progress bar (for example if you handle the update from within the event handler).

    • get_cancel returns whether the updates to the progress bar have been cancelled.

The following example uses the OnClientProgressBarUpdating event to implement both a vertical and a horizontal progress bar:

<telerik:radprogressarea runat="server" id="RadProgressArea1" onclientprogressbarupdating="updateProgressBars" />
<script type="text/javascript">
function updateProgressBars(radProgressArea, args) {   
// The primary progress bar is horizontal (default)   
// note that this entire if statement could be deleted   
// and the default behavior would do the same thing   
if (args.get_progressBarElementName() == "PrimaryProgressBar") {       
    radProgressArea.updateHorizontalProgressBar(args.get_progressBarElement(), args.get_progressValue());
    //Skip the default progress bar updating       
    args.set_cancel(true);   }   
    //The secondary progress bar will be vertical   
    if (args.get_progressBarElementName() == "SecondaryProgressBar")   
        radProgressArea.updateVerticalProgressBar(args.get_progressBarElement(), args.get_progressValue());
        //Skip the default progress bar updating       


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