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The OnClientProgressUpdating client-side event occurs when a RadProgressArea dialog is about to update its indicators. This event occurs for both RadProgressArea and RadProgressManager. The event fires for RadProgressManager before it fires for RadProgressArea.

The event handler receives two parameters:

  1. The instance of the RadProgressArea or RadProgressManager control firing the event.

  2. An eventArgs parameter. This parameter differs, depending on the control firing the event:

    • On RadProgressManager, the eventArgs parameter has a single property: ProgressData, which contains the data the progress manager sends to the RadProgressArea controls on the page.

    • On RadProgressArea, the eventArgs parameter has three methods:

    • get_progressData returns a progressData object, containing the values that are about to be used to update the RadProgressArea dialog.

    • set_cancel lets you cancel the update to the dialog.

    • get_cancel returns whether the updates to the dialog have been cancelled.

Use the OnClientProgressUpdating event to make changes to the values that are about to be used to update the progress dialog or, on RadProgressArea, to update custom controls that have been added using a progress template.

RadProgressArea example

The following example uses the OnClientProgressUpdating event to cancel an upload if it exceeds a maximum upload size:

<script type="text/javascript">
function checkUploadedFilesSize(progressArea, args) {
    //progressArea.confirmed is a custom variable,    
    // you can use another if you want to    
    if (!progressArea.confirmed && args.get_progressData().RadUpload.RequestSize > 1000000) {
        if (confirm("The total size of the selected files" +
                       " is more than the limit." +
                       +"Do you want to cancel the upload?")) {
        else {
            progressArea.confirmed = "confirmed";


<telerik:radprogressarea runat="server" id="RadProgressArea1" onclientprogressupdating="checkUploadedFilesSize" />

RadProgressManager example

The following example uses the OnClientProgressUpdating event to change one of the values that all progress dialogs display:

<script type="text/javascript">
    function alterProgressData(source, eventArgs) {
        var progressData = eventArgs.ProgressData();
        progressData.CurrentOperationText = "uploading files";

<telerik:radprogressmanager id="RadProgressArea1" runat="server" onclientprogressupdating="alterProgressData">

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