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Events Overview

The RadMonthYearPicker controls support number of client-side events that let you respond to user actions without postback. The following table lists the available client events:

Event Description
OnDateSelected Occurs immediately after the value of the control's selection has been changed.
OnPopupOpening Occurs immediately before a popup is displayed, before the selection in the popup is synchronized with the input area.
OnPopupClosing Occurs immediately before the a popup is closed.
OnMonthSelected Occurs when the user select month cell.
OnYearSelected Occurs when the user select year cell.
OnViewChanged Occurs when the MonthYearView navigates to a new view, before the viewable area rendered by the MonthYearView is changed.

The embedded RadDateInput object that is used by monthyearpicker also has a number of client events. See the RadInput documentation for details.

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