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The OnPopupClosing client-side event handler is called immediately before a popup calendar or time view is closed.

The event handler receives two arguments:

  1. the object that fired the event.

  2. an event arguments object that exposes the following methods:

OnPopupClosing event arguments object

Name Return Type Arguments Description
get_pickerControl() RadMonthYearPicker client object Returns the client object for the RadMonthYearPicker control.
set_cancel(value) bool Lets you prevent the popup from closing.

The following example uses the OnPopupClosing event to prevent the popup from closing if nothing is selected:

telerik:RadMonthYearPicker ID="RadMonthYearPicker1" runat="server"  >
    <ClientEvents OnPopupClosing="popupClosing" />
function popupClosing(sender, args) {
    alert("popup closing");

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