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Layout of Root Items

There are a number of ways you can customize the look & feel of your RadMenu control:


Use the Flow property to control the basic orientation of the menu. Flow can be Horizontal (the default):

RadMenu Horizontal Flow

or Vertical:

RadMenu Vertical Flow

  • Use the Height and Width properties to limit the dimensions of the menu. If the Width of a horizontal menu is too small to display all of its root items, the menu automatically creates additional rows:RadMenu Extra Rows

  • Use the GroupSettings property of a RadMenuItem object to control the layout of its child items.

  • Add separators to a list of items by creating an item with the IsSeparator property set to True.

  • Use the dir="rtl" attribute to give the menu a right-to-left orientation:RadMenu RTL

Look and Feel

  • To change the overall look and feel of the combobox, set the Skin property.

  • To change the way the child menu items appear or disappear, use Animations.

  • To change the look of an individual item in the menu, including reflecting the item's state, use a CSS class property.

  • Use the item properties to add images to items.

  • Use templates to add controls to menu items.

  • Use RepeatColumns property to enable the multi-column menu.

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