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Migrating Skins from RadMenu ASP.NET to ASP.NET AJAX

Since RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX inherits its rendering from RadMenu for ASP.NET "Classic", it is rather easy to migrate a skin. The only change in the CSS class names is the control-specific prefix ("rm") and the capitalization of the first letter of the "Classic" class names afterwards. The following table lists all class names in the "Classic" version of RadMenu and their equivalents in the RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX:

RadMenu "Classic" class name RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX class name
link rmLink
focused rmFocused
expanded rmExpanded
text rmText
rootGroup rmRootGroup
group rmGroup
expandLeft rmExpandLeft
expandRight rmExpandRight
horizontal rmHorizontal
vertical rmVertical
item rmItem
first rmFirst
last rmLast
topArrowDisabled rmTopArrowDisabled
bottomArrowDisabled rmBottomArrowDisabled
leftArrowDisabled rmLeftArrowDisabled
rightArrowDisabled rmRightArrowDisabled
topArrow rmTopArrow
bottomArrow rmBottomArrow
leftArrow rmLeftArrow
rightArrow rmRightArrow
disabled rmDisabled
separator rmSeparator
leftImage rmLeftImage
slide rmSlide
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