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Multi Column Menu

As of Q3 2009, RadMenu supports multi-column rendering of child items. This feature is controlled through the GroupSettings (either DefaultGroupSettings or per-item GroupSettings) using two properties:

  • The RepeatDirection property determines the order in which the items are rendered.If this property is set to RepeatDirection.Vertical, the items are displayed in columns loaded from top to bottom, then left to right, until all items are rendered. If this property is set to RepeatDirection.Horizontal, the items are displayed in rows loaded from left to right, then top to bottom, until all items are rendered. The RepeatDirection has no effect if RepeatColumns is set to 1 (default).

  • The RepeatColumns property specifies the number of columns.

Note: Scrolling is disabled if multi-column rendering is in effect.


For all menu item groups:

<telerik:RadMenu RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadMenu1" DataSourceID="SiteMapDataSource">
    <DefaultGroupSettings RepeatColumns="2" RepeatDirection="Vertical" />

For a specific menu item group:

        <GroupSettings RepeatColumns="2" RepeatDirection="Vertical" />    

The default value of RepeatColumns is 1.

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