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Advanced via NeedDataSource

The key to the advanced data binding of a RadImageGallery controlis handling the NeedDataSource event. RadImageGallery fires the NeedDataSource event each time it needs to be bound to a data source.

This NeedDataSource event fires in the following cases:

  • Immediately after On_Load if the RadImageGallery has not yet been data-bound and there is no ViewState data. This means that if the EnableViewState property is set to False, RadImageGallery will bind each time the page loads, not only the first time;

  • When a paging operation occurs (including PageIndexChangedand PageSizeChanged);

  • When the Rebind() method is called.

Important : You should never call the Rebind() method in a NeedDataSource event handler.You should never call DataBind() as well when using advanceddata-binding through NeedDataSource .

In the NeedDataSource event handler, you should prepare the data source (list of objects) for RadImageGallery and assign it to the DataSource property.The following example demonstrated how to assign a DataTable as a data source for the RadImageGallery:

<telerik:RadImageGallery RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadImageGallery1" runat="server"
protected void RadImageGallery1_NeedDataSource(object sender, Telerik.Web.UI.ImageGalleryNeedDataSourceEventArgs e)
    (sender as RadImageGallery).DataSource = GetImageGalleryData();

private DataTable GetImageGalleryData()
    DataTable table = new DataTable();
    table.Columns.Add("Title", typeof(string));
    table.Columns.Add("Description", typeof(string));
    table.Columns.Add("ImageData", typeof(string));
    table.Columns.Add("ThumbnailData", typeof(string));

    table.Rows.Add("Image 1", "Description", "image1.png", "image1_thumb.png");
    table.Rows.Add("Image 2", "Description", "image2.png", "image2_thumb.png");
    table.Rows.Add("Image 3", "Description", "image3.png", "image3_thumb.png");

    return table;
Protected Sub RadImageGallery1_NeedDataSource(sender As Object, e As Telerik.Web.UI.ImageGalleryNeedDataSourceEventArgs) Handles RadImageGallery1.NeedDataSource
    TryCast(sender, RadImageGallery).DataSource = GetImageGalleryData()
End Sub

Private Function GetImageGalleryData() As DataTable
    Dim table As New DataTable()
    table.Columns.Add("Title", GetType(String))
    table.Columns.Add("Description", GetType(String))
    table.Columns.Add("ImageData", GetType(String))
    table.Columns.Add("ThumbnailData", GetType(String))

    table.Rows.Add("Image 1", "Description", "image1.png", "image1_thumb.png")
    table.Rows.Add("Image 2", "Description", "image2.png", "image2_thumb.png")
    table.Rows.Add("Image 3", "Description", "image3.png", "image3_thumb.png")

    Return table
End Function

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