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Binding RadImageGallery to a Static Collection of Items

RadImageGallery provides an option to bind to a static collection and manually define your gallery items by specifying each one individually in the RadImageGallery.Items collection. This type of binding is ideal when the informationthat you want to display is not stored in a database and you want to add it manually.Each item has properties that define the image and thumbnail URL, description, title, width and height.Example 1 shows how to bind a RadImageGallery to a static collection of images.Figure1 shows the result.

The output of this sample is represented in Figure 1.

<telerik:radimagegallery id="RadImageGallery1" runat="server" contentviewmode="ContentArea">
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="../images/1.png" ThumbnailUrl="../images/thumbnail/thumb1.png" Title="Mountain Pine Cones" 
            Description="You can find these little treasures amidst the pine branches, deep in the green summer mountain." />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="../images/2.png" ThumbnailUrl="../images/thumbnail/thumb2.png" Title="Girl Holding Dandelions" 
            Description="A thousand wishes." />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="../images/3.png" ThumbnailUrl="../images/thumbnail/thumb3.png" Title="Butterfly" 
            Description="Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it turned into a butterfly." />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="../images/4.png" ThumbnailUrl="../images/thumbnail/thumb4.png" Title="Ladybug" 
            Description="Rumor has it if a ladybug lands on you, something wonderful will happen to you." />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="../images/5.png" ThumbnailUrl="../images/thumbnail/thumb5.png" Title="Air Balloons" 
            Description="Fairy tale in the sky." />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="../images/6.png" ThumbnailUrl="../images/thumbnail/thumb6.png" Title="Fireworks" 
            Description="Rain of light." />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="../images/7.png" ThumbnailUrl="../images/thumbnail/thumb7.png" Title="Young Girl" 
            Description="Innocence." />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="../images/8.png" ThumbnailUrl="../images/thumbnail/thumb8.png" Title="Forest" 
            Description="The golden hues of the fall trees merge in one living organism." />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="../images/9.png" ThumbnailUrl="../images/thumbnail/thumb9.png" Title="Lake" 
            Description="The crystal beauty of the winter and magical wonderland it creates." />

This figure represents the thumbnail image, the title and the description of particular item from the ImageGallery. image-gallery-binding-to-static-collection

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