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RadImageGallery provides the following client-side events to which you can subscribe in order to perform additionalactions.

Event Description Arguments Can be cancelled
OnCommand Fired when a command is about to be triggered. commandName - String,commandArgument - String Yes
OnFullScreenEntered Fired after the RadImageGallery enters full screen mode. No
OnFullScreenEntering Fired before the RadImageGallery enters full screen mode. Yes
OnFullScreenExited Fired after RadImageGallery has exited full screen mode. No
OnImageGalleryCreated Fired when the RadImageGallery client-side object finishes initialization. No
OnImageLoaded Fired when the image is loaded. item – Telerik.Web.UI.ImageGalleryItemBase , imageType – Telerik.Web.UI.ImageGallery.ImageType image - Image No
OnImageLoading Fired when an image starts loading. item - Telerik.Web.UI.ImageGalleryItemBase , imageType – Telerik.Web.UI.ImageGallery.ImageType ,set_imageUrl - function Yes
OnNavigated Fired after navigating to a different item. item - Telerik.Web.UI.ImageGalleryItemBase No
OnNavigating Fired before changing the selection of an item and navigating to a different one. item - Telerik.Web.UI.ImageGalleryItemBase Yes
OnSlideshowPlay Fired just before the slideshow functionality is turned on. Yes
OnSlideshowStop Fired just before the slideshow functionality is turned off. Yes

To get or set property values for client API properties, you must call property accessor methods that are named with the get_ and set_ prefixes. For example, to get or set a value for a property such as cancel, you call the get_cancel or set_cancel.

The example below demonstrates how you can subscribe to the RadImageGallery events and extract values from the event arguments.In the scenario, the main image will not be loaded unless it has a title.

<telerik:RadImageGallery RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadImageGallery1" runat="server" AllowPaging="true"
    DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" Width="800px" DataTitleField="PhotoTitle" DataImageField="Photo" DataThumbnailField="Photo" ContentViewMode="ContentArea">
            OnImageGalleryCreated="imageGalleryCreated" OnImageLoaded="imageLoaded" OnImageLoading="imageLoading" />
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:TelerikConnectionString %>"
    ProviderName="<%$ ConnectionStrings:BaseConnectionString.ProviderName %>"
    SelectCommand="SELECT TOP 20 * FROM [CustomerPhotos]"></asp:SqlDataSource>
function imageGalleryCreated(sender) {
    //Extract the id of the control
    var galleryID = sender.get_id();

function imageLoaded(sender, args) {
    var image = args.get_image(),
    imageItem = args.get_item();

function imageLoading(sender, args) {
    //checks if the event is canceled
    var isCanceled = args.get_cancel();
    //gets the image item
    var imageItem = args.get_item();
    if (imageItem.get_title() === "") {
        //cancels the event

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