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Localize Filtering Menu Options

Localize default filtering menu

You can change the text of the items in the filter menu in the code-behind. This is useful if you want to localize the filter function names or change them to display your own custom text.

To change the text of the items in the filter menu, add code to the Page_Load event handler for your page:

  1. Use the FilterMenu property of the grid to access the filtering menu. There is a single filtering menu server-side, which is cloned for each of the separate filter menus that appear client-side.

  2. Use the Items property of the filtering menu to access the individual menu items. Each item in the filter menu server-side object is of type RadMenuItem.

  3. Use the Text property of the grid menu items to set the new text for the menu item.

The following example illustrates this process:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    GridFilterMenu menu = RadGrid1.FilterMenu;
    foreach (RadMenuItem item in menu.Items)
    {    //change the text for the "StartsWith" menu item  
        if (item.Text == "StartsWith")
            item.Text = "your_custom_localized_string";
Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
    Dim Menu As GridFilterMenu = RadGrid1.FilterMenu
    Dim item As RadMenuItem
    For Each item In Menu.Items
        'change the text for the StartsWith menu item
        If item.Text = "StartsWith" Then
            item.Text = "your_custom_localized_string"
        End If
End Sub

Localize Excel-like filtering menu

Localization of the Excel-like filtering is pretty much the same as Localize HeaderContextMenu items. For this purpose, you can hook OnPreRenderComlete event, loop through the menu items and change their text. The following code snippet demonstrates how to achieve that.

protected override void OnPreRenderComplete(EventArgs e)
    RadContextMenu menu = RadGrid1.HeaderContextMenu;

    foreach (RadMenuItem item in menu.Items)
        switch (item.Value)
            case "SortAsc":
                item.Text = "Sort ascending";
            case "SortDesc":
                item.Text = "Sort descending";
            case "SortNone":
                item.Text = "Clear sorting";
            case "GroupBy":
                item.Text = "Group by";
            case "UnGroupBy":
                item.Text = "Ungroup";
            case "ColumnsContainer":
                item.Text = "Show/Hide columns";
            case "FilterMenuParent":
                //first condition label
                LiteralControl lcShowRows = item.Controls[0] as LiteralControl;
                lcShowRows.Text = "<label class=\"rgHCMShow\">Show rows that:</label>";
                //first condition RadComboBox
                RadComboBox firstConditionCombo = item.FindControl("HCFMRCMBFirstCond") as RadComboBox;
                firstConditionCombo.Text = "No filter is selected";
                //second condition label
                LiteralControl lcAnd = item.Controls[3] as LiteralControl;
                lcAnd.Text = "<label class=\"rgHCMShow\">And also</label>";
                //second condition RadComboBox
                RadComboBox secondConditionCombo = item.FindControl("HCFMRCMBSecondCond") as RadComboBox;
                secondConditionCombo.Text = "No filter is selected";
                //filter button  
                Button btnFilter = item.FindControl("HCFMFilterButton") as Button;
                btnFilter.Text = "Apply filters";
                //clear filter button   
                Button btnClearFilter = item.FindControl("HCFMClearFilterButton") as Button;
                btnClearFilter.Text = "Clear filter";
Protected Overrides Sub OnPreRenderComplete(e As EventArgs)
    Dim menu As RadContextMenu = RadGrid1.HeaderContextMenu

    For Each item As RadMenuItem In menu.Items
        Select Case item.Value
            Case "SortAsc"
                item.Text = "Sort ascending"
                Exit Select
            Case "SortDesc"
                item.Text = "Sort descending"
                Exit Select
            Case "SortNone"
                item.Text = "Clear sorting"
                Exit Select
            Case "GroupBy"
                item.Text = "Group by"
                Exit Select
            Case "UnGroupBy"
                item.Text = "Ungroup"
                Exit Select
            Case "ColumnsContainer"
                item.Text = "Show/Hide columns"
                Exit Select
            Case "FilterMenuParent"
                'first condition label
                Dim lcShowRows As LiteralControl = TryCast(item.Controls(0), LiteralControl)
                lcShowRows.Text = "<label class=""rgHCMShow"">Show rows that:</label>"
                'first condition RadComboBox
                Dim firstConditionCombo As RadComboBox = TryCast(item.FindControl("HCFMRCMBFirstCond"), RadComboBox)
                firstConditionCombo.Text = "No filter is selected"
                'second condition label
                Dim lcAnd As LiteralControl = TryCast(item.Controls(3), LiteralControl)
                lcAnd.Text = "<label class=""rgHCMShow"">And also</label>"
                'second condition RadComboBox
                Dim secondConditionCombo As RadComboBox = TryCast(item.FindControl("HCFMRCMBSecondCond"), RadComboBox)
                secondConditionCombo.Text = "No filter is selected"
                'filter button  
                Dim btnFilter As Button = TryCast(item.FindControl("HCFMFilterButton"), Button)
                btnFilter.Text = "Apply filters"
                'clear filter button   
                Dim btnClearFilter As Button = TryCast(item.FindControl("HCFMClearFilterButton"), Button)
                btnClearFilter.Text = "Clear filter"
                Exit Select
        End Select
End Sub
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