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Views Overview

RadGantt displays tasks in four basic views: Day view, Week view, Month view and Year view. The SelectedView property specifies which of these views the gantt control uses when it first appears (loads). By default, the user can move between Day, Week and Month views using the view tabs. You can remove specific view tab by setting the UserSelectable property of the view to false. Setting the same property to true for YearView will display a view tab for Year along with the default three.

Common Settings for All Views

In this section you could find all common properties that are shared among all views.

Table 1 lists the properties that can be set both globally for all views (on the RadGantt object) and per view.

Name Type Description
RangeEnd DateTime? Gets or sets the end date and time of the visible range on the view. The RangeEnd date will not be included within the visible range.
RangeStart DateTime? Gets or sets the start date and time of the visible range on the view.
SelectedDate DateTime? Gets or sets the date and time to which the timeline of the view is scrolled.

Table 2 lists the properties that are available in all four View Settings Objects.

Name Type Description
SlotWidth Unit Gets or sets the slot width in pixels for the respective view.
Type Telerik.Web.UI.GanttViewType enumeration Gets the type of the View, which the settings are applied to - Day, Week, Month or Year.
UserSelectable bool Gets or sets a value indicating whether to render a tab for the current view in the view chooser.

All available RadGantt views

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