Gantt Overview

RadGantt for ASP.NET AJAX is a type of bar chart that is used in project management to illustrate a project schedule. It provides visual information about the work breakdown structure of the project.

RadGantt is not supported for versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE 8.

Telerik Gantt (Figure 1) visualizes the different components of the project on a flexible timetable, making it easier to see:

  • The project start date and deadline.

  • Task summaries and their percentage of completion.

  • Tasks and their start, end, duration and percentage of completion.

  • Relations and overlap between tasks.

  • Milestones.

  • Current date (and where it is relative to the project).

Figure 1: Using RadGantt control you could easily manage any Task's configuration in a preferable View for serving out the data in a user-friendly manner.gantt-overview

Key Features

  • Rich UI for creating and managing tasks

  • Day, Week, Month and Year views

  • Customizable task edit capabilities

  • Data Binding - Client-side and Server-side

  • Integrated sorting, reordering and resizing

  • Column Show/Hide

  • Rich Client-side and Server-side API

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