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Import and Export to Word

This article provides the basics to get you started with the Telerik Editor import and export from/to Word document functionality.

As of Q3 2014, the RadEditor control offers built-in integration with the Telerik Document Processing Libraries that provides the import and export of the Supported Formats.

Since Q2 2014, the installation of the Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite provides you with the Telerik.Windows.Document assemblies, which can be used for conversion from HTML to DOCX or RTF and vise-versa. Information about the provided libraries, their purpose and how to get them is available in the Included Assemblies article.

The Telerik document processing libraries support .NET Framework versions 4.0 and above.As of Q3 2014 the RadEditor export/import to RTF is not supported under .NET 3.5.

Getting Started

The following articles explain the basics of the import and export functionality.

Extensibility of the Import/Export Interface

If you are looking for a way to extend the built-in export/import functionality or implement a new, custom one, the following resources will provide guidelines to achieve that:

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