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Smart Tag

The RadDropDownTree Smart Tag allows easy access to frequently needed tasks. You can right-click on a RadDropDownTree control in the design window to display the Smart Tag and then choose Show Smart Tag. You can also display the Smart Tag by clicking the small rightward-pointing button located at the upper right of the RadDropDownTree component.

Figure 1: RadDropDownTree Smart Tag

RadDropDownTree Smart Tag

RadDropDownTree Tasks

  • Choose Data Source lets you change the declarative binding by selecting a data source from a drop-down list of all available data source components. If you select "<New Data Source...>" the standard Windows Data Source Configuration Wizard appears, where you can create and configure a data source component. If you select "(None)", you remove the existing binding.

  • Open Configuration Wizard opens the RadDropDownTree Configuration Wizard.

Ajax Resources

  • Add RadAjaxManager...: Includes a RadAjaxManager component on the form that allows for fine control over how controls are updated via AJAX.

  • Add ScriptManager: Includes a ScriptManager, which manages ASP.NET Ajax script libraries and script files, partial-page rendering, and client proxy class generation for Web and application services.

  • Add RadScriptManager: RadScriptManager performs the same tasks as ScriptManager but can also combine all for ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript resources into a single web resource request for better performance.

  • Add RadStyleSheetManager: The RadStyleSheetManager component enables you to combine all CSS output for ASP.NET AJAX controls into a single stylesheet web resource request.


Skin lets you select from a list of available skins to customize the look of your RadDropDownTree.

Online Resources

Links navigating directly to RadDropDownTree demos, documentation, code library and to the feedback portal of the controls suite.

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