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DropDownTree Overview

The RadDropDownTree control is a combination of a lightweight dropdown and a tree control.The approach with entries like in the RadAutoCompleteBox is used. Basically, an new entry is created as a resultof node's selection from the tree.


Main features of the RadDropDownTree

Some of the main features of the RadDropDownTree control include:

  • Various DataBindings including declarative binding, binding to Entity DataSource as well as Linq DataSource

  • Templates such as Header Template, Footer Template and Node Template.

  • Checkboxes that enable the user to choose between the different states - None, SingleCheck, TriState and CheckChildNodes.

  • EmptyMessage that will allow the developer to provide a hint (setting a message in the entry area) to the final user of the application.

  • There are also DropDownSettings that enable fine tuning of the control (OpenDropDownOnLoad that expands the dropdown after it is loaded on the page is one of them).

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