Keyboard Support

Keyboard support

As a part of Q2 2013 RadDropDownTree control introduces fully built-in Keyboard Support

  • Access Keys - You can specify a key that lets the end-users move the focus directly to the RadDropDownTree. The access key is defined using the AccessKey property. For example, if you set the AccessKey property to "P", the focus moves to the DropDownTree when the user presses "Alt+P" (for IE).dropdowntree-keyboardnavigation

  • Key Navigation- RadDropDownTree allows end-users to navigate through the nodes in the dropdown.

  1. Use the "Alt + DownArrow/UpArrow" to open/close the dropdown or the Esc key (to close the dropdown when opened)dropdowntree-expandcollapsedropdown

  2. Once the dropdown is opened you can move the focus to the filter field and then to the nodes by using the "Tab" key.dropdowntree-forwardnavigation

  3. After the focus is set to the dropdown the user can use the UpArrow and DownArrows to navigate up and down the tree and the RightArrow and LeftArrow to expand and collapse the nodes respectively.dropdowntree-navigationupdowndropdowntree-expandcollapsenode

  • Action Key -When the focus is set to a node, pressing the "Space" key checks the node.dropdowntree-ckecknodes

Key combinations supported by different browsers

Browser Focus Action Key Navigation Forward Navigation Backward
Internet Explorer Alt + Access Key Space Tab Shift + Tab
Firefox Alt + Shift + Access Key Space Tab Shift + Tab
Chrome Not Supported Space Tab Shift + Tab
Safari Alt + Access Key (Alt + Shift + Access Key ) Space Tab Shift + Tab
Opera Not Supported Space Tab Shift + Tab
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