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Getting Started with the Telerik WebForms DropDownList

This tutorial will walk you through creating a RadDropDownList and shows how to Create a simple RadDropDownList with elements set in design time.

Creating a simple RadDropDownList

  1. Drag a RadDropDownList from the Toolbox onto your web page.

  2. The Smart Tag should appear automatically. From the Smart Tag, choose Edit Items...


  3. The RadDropDownList Item Builder appears.

  4. Click the Add item icon in the upper left corner. A new RadDropDownListItem appears in the item builder.


  5. Set the Text property to "DropDownListItem1".

  6. Add two more items in the same way.

  7. Press OK to exit the RadDropDownList Item Builder.

  8. Back in the Smart Tag, choose a Skin from the drop-down control.


  9. Run the application. Open the drop-down list to see the items.


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