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Customizing the Embedded Controls

The RadDateTimePicker control is a composite object, containing an embedded RadDateInput control (where the user can type values directly), a CalendarPopupButton and TimePopupButton, RadCalendar and RadTimeView controls. All of these embedded controls can be customized, just as you can customize a standalone RadDateInput or RadCalendar control.

To customize the embedded controls, simply locate the property for the embedded control in the Behavior section of the properties pane for the RadDateTimePicker control, expand it, and set its properties accordingly. The following table lists the properties for accessing the embedded controls:

Embedded control Parent control Property to access embedded control
RadDateInput RadDatePicker, RadDateTimePicker, RadTimePicker or RadMonthYearPicker DateInput
RadCalendar RadDatePicker or RadDateTimePicker Calendar
CalendarPopupButton RadDatePicker or RadDateTimePicker DatePopupButton
RadTimeView RadDateTimePicker or RadTimePicker TimeView
TimePopupButton RadDateTimePicker or RadTimePicker TimePopupButton

Modifying the settings of a child control provides greater flexibility when configuring the look and feel of the RadDateTimePicker control – you have complete control over the skins and styles of the embedded control:

        ToolTip="select date" />
        ToolTip="select time" />

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