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All four types of RadInput controls come with a set of predefined styles, which are specified by the styles in the current skin. If you have assigned a value to the Skin property, you can use a variety of style properties to customize the way the input control changes its appearance depending on its state.

The following table lists the various style properties:


Property Default CSS class Description
EnabledStyle riEnabled The style for the enabled input control. Note: The definitions from the EnabledStyle property are inherited from one style property to another in a hierarchy. Therefore, the appearance settings specified by the EnableStyle property will be propagated for the rest of the styles. For example, if you specify a red font for the EnabledStyle property, all other style properties in RadInput (other than DisabledStyle ) will also have a red font.
DisabledStyle riDisabled The style that is applied for the disabled input control. Note: Internet Explorer does not allow changing the ForeColor of disabled elements.
EmptyMessageStyle riEmpty The style when the value is not set and the input control does not have focus.
FocusedStyle riFocused The style when the input control has focus.
HoveredStyle riHover The style when the mouse hovers over the input control.
InvalidStyle riError The style when the value of the input control is invalid.

The various Style properties are of type Telerik.Web.UI.InputStyle. This type has the following sub-properties:

  • BackColor

  • BorderColor

  • BorderWidth

  • CssClass

  • Font

  • ForeColor

  • Height

  • HorizontalAlign

  • LetterSpacing

  • PaddingBottom

  • PaddingLeft

  • PaddingRight

  • PaddingTop

  • Width

Each sub-property is an attribute of the HTML element for the rendered input control. Setting any of the sub-properties copies the value you set onto the style to the HTML element, overwriting any existing style elements defined by the used skin.

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