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HTML Output and CSS Styling

Since Q1 2012 RadInput has a new rendering mode for its controls - Single Input Rendering, which is enabled by default. Therefore, this topic is no longer valid, except in the cases when Old Rendering mode is activated by setting the EnableSingleInputRendering property to False .

Styles for Telerik controls are defined using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) syntax. Each style consists of a selector that identifies an HTML element to be styled, and property/value pairs that describe each of the style specifics, e.g. color, padding, margins, etc. For example, the .RadInput_Default style defines the default font and vertical alignment properties for the entire input control:

     font: normal 11px Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Sans-Serif; vertical-align: middle; 

See the CSS Skin File Selectors topic for more information on the specific CSS selectors used for RadInput skins.

HTML Output of RadDateInput

<span class="RadInput RadInput_Default" id="RadControl1_wrapper">
    <input type="text" class="riTextBox riEnabled" id="RadControl1_text" />
    <input type="text" style="visibility: hidden" class="rdfd_" id="RadControl1" />
    <input type="hidden" id="RadControl1_ClientState" /></span>
<div class="RadInput RadInput_Default" id="RadControl3_wrapper">
    <table class="riTable">
                    <label class="riLabel">
                <td class="riCell">
                    <input type="text" class="riTextBox riEnabled" id="RadControl3_text" />
                    <input type="text" style="visibility: hidden" class="rdfd_" id="RadControl3" />
                <td class="riBtn">
                    <a href="#"><span>Button</span></a>
                <td class="riSpin">
                    <a href="javascript:void(0)" class="riUp"><span>Spin Up</span></a><a href="javascript:void(0)"
                        class="riDown"><span>Spin Down</span></a>
    <input type="hidden" id="RadControl3_ClientState" />

In the examples above, the <input> element is replaced by a <textarea> element if TextMode="MultiLine".

By default in non-single input rendering mode the width of the label is not set, and the length of the input is 100%, so it will be auto sized to get all possible free space in the table. When in single input rendering mode, the default length of the label is 40% and 60% for the input. This width can be changed with the LabelWidth property. Another reason you would might want to set EnableSingleInputRendering to false for your Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX Input controls is to avoid re-computing of the styles dynamically on the client.

Notes on RadInput skinning

  • the RadInput table cells should have a zero padding, with the exception of the riCell table cell - it should have a right padding equal to the sum of the textbox' side borders and paddings. Otherwise the textbox will overlay the control's buttons or its right border will not be seen.

Dynamically applied classes

The Skin CSS file includes definitions for the classes that reflect the current state of the input controls. These classes are riEnabled, riDisabled, riEmpty, riFocused, riHover, riError, and riNegative.

The various style properties will override any of the properties set by these classes.

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