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DataForm Object

Following is a table of the most important properties you should be aware of when working with RadDataForm.


Property Description
ConvertEmptyStringToNull Gets or sets a value indicating whether the empty string from the data source will be converted to null or not.
DataKeyNames Gets or sets an array of data-field names that will be used to populate the DataKeyValues collection, when RadDataForm control is databinding.
DataSourceID Gets or sets the ID property of the data source control that the control should use to retrieve its data source.
InsertItemPosition Gets or sets the location of the InsertItem template when it is rendered as part of the RadDataForm control. It can be the only item rendered (Single), above the other item (FirstItem), below the other item (LastItem) or not rendered at all (None).
ItemPlaceholderID The ID for the item placeholder in a RadDataForm control. The default is "itemPlaceholder".
ValidationSettings-CommandsToValidate Gets or sets a commands list of commands names which will be validated.
ValidationSettings-EnableValidation Gets or sets a value indicating of the validation is enabled.
ValidationSettings-ValidationGroup Gets or sets the name of the validation group to be used for the integrated validation controls.
ValidationSettings-ValidationGroup Gets or sets a value, indicating the total number of items in the data source when custom paging is used.Thus RadDataForm "understands" that the data source contains the specified number of records and it should fetch merely partof them at a time to execute requested operation.

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