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RadDataForm provides the following server-side events:


Events Description
ItemCommand Fires when any command button is clicked in RadDataForm control. All bubbled events of the objct fire the ItemCommand event.
EditCommand Fires when an edit command has been triggered.
UpdateCommand Fires when an update command is triggered.
InsertCommand Fires when a insert command is triggered.
DeleteCommand Fires when a delete command is triggered.
CancelCommand Fires when an insert or edit action is cancelled.
PageIndexChanged Fires when a paging action is performed.
NeedDataSource Fires when RadDataForm is about to be bound and the data source must be assigned.
DataBinding Fired right before the server control binds to a data source.
DataBound Fired when the server control is bound to a data source.
ItemDeleted Fired when an automatic delete operation is executed.
ItemUpdated Fired when an automatic update operation is executed.
ItemInserted Fired when an automatic insert operation is executed.
ModeChanged Fired when CurrentMode has changed.

The ASP.NET page framework provides a technique called event bubbling that allows a child control to propagate events up its containment hierarchy.Event bubbling enables events to be raised from a more convenient location in the controls hierarchy and allows event handlers to be attached to theoriginal control as well as to the control that exposes the bubbled event.

When an event bubbles from a child control, RadDataForm will fire ItemCommand event. A child control(such as a Button server control) raises a bubble event if you set any value in CommandName property.

Here is a list of the available command names in Telerik RadDataForm:

Command Name Description
Page Fired when the PageSize property is set and changed.
Edit Represents the Edit command name. Fires RadDataForm.EditCommand event.
Update Represents the Update command name. Fires RadDataForm.UpdateCommand event.
Cancel Represents the Cancel command name. Fires RadDataForm.CancelCommand event.
Delete Represents the Delete command name. Fires RadDataForm.DeleteCommand event.
InitInsert Opens the insert item. Fires RadDataForm.InitInsertCommand event.
PerformInsert This command perform automatic insert operation and close the insert item. Fires RadDataForm.PerformInsertCommand event.
Rebind Rebind RadDataForm control and forces RadGrid.Rebind event.

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