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Migrating Skins from RadComboBox ASP.NET to ASP.NET AJAX

RadComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX offers improved HTML code that allows easier styling and much more flexible skinning than the RadComboBox "Classic". The differences between the rendering of the two versions of the control can be observed in the following table (only css-related attributes are listed):


Affected part of RadComboBox RadComboBox "Classic" RadComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX
Input box & arrow
<div class="ComboBox_{SkinName}">
class="ComboBoxInput_{SkinName}" />
<img class="ComboBoxImage_{SkinName}" />
<div class="RadComboBox RadComboBox_{SkinName}">
    <td class="rcbInputCell rcbInputCellLeft">
        class="rcbInput" />
    <td class="rcbArrowCell rcbArrowCellRight">


<div class="ComboBoxDropDown_{SkinName}">
<div class="ComboBoxHeader_{SkinName}">Header</div>
    <div class="ComboBoxItem_{SkinName}">A</div>
    <div class="ComboBoxItem_{SkinName}">B</div>
    <div class="ComboBoxItem_{SkinName}">C</div>
    <div class="ComboBoxItemDisabled_{SkinName}">D</div>
<div class="ComboBoxMoreResultsBox_{SkinName}">
    <img class="ComboBoxMoreResultsImage_{SkinName}" />
    <div class="ComboBoxMoreResultsMessage_{SkinName}">
<div class="RadComboBoxDropDown_{SkinName}">
    <div class="rcbHeader">Header</div>
    <div class="rcbScroll">
        <ul class="rcbList">
            <li class="rcbItem">A</li>
            <li class="rcbItem">B</li>
            <li class="rcbItem">C</li>
            <li class="rcbDisabled">D</li>
    <div class="rcbMoreResults">

Below is a table that shows the RadComboBox "Classic" class names and their equivalents in the RadComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX.

RadComboBox "Classic" RadComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX
.ComboBox_{SkinName} .RadComboBox_{SkinName}
.ComboBoxInput_{SkinName} .rcbInputCell-or-.rcbInput
.ComboBoxInputHover_{SkinName} .rcbHovered .rcbInputCell-or-.rcbHovered .rcbInput
.ComboBoxImage_{SkinName} .rcbArrowCell-or-.rcbArrowCell a
.ComboBoxImageHover_{SkinName} .rcbHovered .rcbArrowCell-or-.rcbHovered .rcbArrowCell a
.ComboBoxDropDown_{SkinName} .RadComboBoxDropDown_{SkinName}
.ComboBoxHeader_{SkinName} .rcbHeader
.ComboBoxItem_{SkinName} .rcbItem
.ComboBoxItemHover_{SkinName} .rcbHovered
.ComboBoxItemDisabled_{SkinName} .rcbDisabled
.ComboBoxMoreResultsBox_{SkinName} .rcbMoreResults
.ComboBoxMoreResultsImage_{SkinName} .rcbMoreResults a
.ComboBoxMoreResultsMessage_{SkinName} .rcbMoreResults span

To make the declarations for RadComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX skin-specific, you should add a .RadComboBoxDropDown_{SkinName} or .RadComboBox_{SkinName} class declaration before you target the desired element.

While migrating your skin, you could take advantage of the additional CSS class names, available only in RadComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX (e.g. the rcbFocused class for the container table of the input box)

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