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CSS Skin File Selectors

The following table lists significant CSS selectors and descriptions for RadComboBox style sheets.

CSS Selector Description
.RadComboBox_MySkin Styles the HTML
tag that contains the RadComboBox input & arrow.
.RadComboBoxDropDown_MySkin Styles the HTML
tag that contains the RadComboBox drop-down.
input Default style for text throughout the control.
table, td Default table and cell style that make up the RadComboBox text input and drop down arrow areas.
.rcbInputCell Styles the text input area of RadComboBox, located just to the left of the drop down arrow.
.rcbArrowCell Styles the area containing the downward pointing arrow for the RadComboBox. This contains a background property where you can specify a new image URL to represent the drop down button.
.rcbFocused Styles the RadComboBox when focused (awaiting input).
.rcbScroll Controls the presence and behavior of scroll bars in the drop down list portion of the control.
.rcbList Styles the drop down portion of the list that isn't disabled or hovered. This style is applied to the
    HTML tag class representing an unordered list.
.rcbItem Styles each
  • HTML tag item within the unordered list that is not disabled or hovered.
  • .rcbHovered Styles a list item (or input area) under the mouse.
    .rcbDisabled Styles the disabled items in the drop down list. Define a moderate color property (typically a gray) to communicate that the text represents a disabled item.
    .rcbNoWrap Styles the list when the RadComboBox NoWrap property is set to true .
    .rcbLoading Controls the look of the area that displays the LoadingMessage property.
    .rcbMoreResults Controls the look of the "Show More results" area. SeeLoad On Demandtopics for more information.
    .rcbImage Styles the image when ImageUrl property is set for an item.
    .rcbEmptyMessage Controls the appearance of the EmptyMessage text.
    .rcbSeparator Controls the appearance of the RadComboBox separators.
    .rcbLabel Controls the appearance of the associated Label.

    There are several styles that end in "_rtl" that are used to style specific portions of the control when right-to-left support is turned on. These "_rtl" styles are variants of their left-to-right default counterparts.

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